Welcome to the site of the "Karina TRADING" company.

"Karina TRADING" - is the Kazakhstan сompany, a producer of paper sanitary-hygienic production (goods). Toilet paper and napkins of the firm "Karina TRADING" - is the standard "de facto" on housekeeping and manufacture. You can find out about the company in detail in the part "About the company".

We produce more than 40 sorts of paper sanitary-hygienic productions. It is possible to perform exclusive orders for a production's output with an original design or a customer's logotype. You can find out about our production in detail in the part "Production". You can choose the production, which you like and order it in our Internet-shop.

The broad spectrum and a high quality of our production are indisputable. "But what are the prices like? - you ask. You can find out about it in the part "Price".

Well established partner - manufactorer of paper means of personal hygiene.

Delivery by auto and railway across Kazakhstan for free!


In the beginning of 2010 «Karina» company launched production of new double-layered napkins.

Toilet paper

Double-layered, snow-white, embossed, with perforation, waterproof, on paper core.

Paper towels

Single-layered, snow-white, embossed, with perforation, on paper core.


"Karina TRADING" is the leading Kazakhstan hygiene and sanitary production manufacturer which is managed to produce the napkin paper for the hitched container. "Hand napkin paper" is produced in accordance with the approved international standarts with a very high quality and as fact the price is profitably differs from its foreign analogs.

An Italian and Czech line of sanitary hygienic warp was run with its productivity of 60t/day in November 2004. It became available to get cellulose raw material for ready-made production sanitaryhygienic purpose manufacture. Actually it does not give in to demand on its quality to leading producers in Russia and European countries.

Accompanying increasing of the producing volumes lets holding the low market price for the ready-made production above the high quality of the goods.